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Atlas Complete Lifting Services

3 years ago
Atlas Complete Lifting Services

Our People and Equipment

Atlas Crane Service is based in Central Illinois with multiple strategically placed satellite locations to best serve our customers. Our team consists of safety-minded industry leaders that work to provide our customers with the very best service. We have the ability to take on any of your lifting or heavy transport needs, large or small. Atlas Crane is committed to safety while watching our customer’s bottom line. Atlas Crane proudly serves the entire Midwest, Great Lakes, and Northeast Regions.

Major Maintenance Scopes Offered

  • Rotor Removal and Replacement
  • Gear Box, Main Shaft, Transformer and Generator Replacements
  • Blade Inspections and Replacements
  • Blade Transportation

Atlas Crane Service’s Commitment to Safety Culture and the Wind Industry

  • We continue to evolve our fleet and training to meet the needs of the wind industry.
  • We are very proud of our safety record and strive to make it a priority.
  • 2017 EMR Rating – 0.84
  • 2018 EMR Rating – 0.82
  • 2019 EMR Rating – 0.80

Investing in the Future

  • Atlas has invested in a second LTM 1750 to arrive Spring 2021
  • We are proud to announce the addition of a LTM 1650 arriving mid 2021.
  • Strategically place cranes in service areas to reduce overall mobilization costs
  • Share equipment between cranes
  • Have more flexibility in sending the crane most appropriate and cost efficient for the specific jobs
  • Potential for increased availability for emergency jobs